Sales Audit

Sales data accuracy is critical for financial analysis inventory, replenishment, planning and merchandise management processes.
Ensuring data accuracy and integrity requires a flexible and efficient transaction audit system and built-in internal controls that are capable of managing multiple sales channels and transaction streams.
The main goal and challenge is to ensure information integrity of data generated at the point-of-sale which can be is prone to inaccuracy due to human error, employee irregularities, theft or other misappropriations.
Cybex Sales Audit provides the tools you need to evaluate point-of-sale and multi-channel sales data to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information processed by back office, communications, accounting and merchandising systems.
Sales Audit module provides a seamless, integrated flow of distributed databases from point-of-sale and sales order transactions to other Cybex Retail Modules and decision support systems, minimizing or eliminating costly interface development and maintenance, and allowing for improved decision-making within the organization.
Intelligent error-detection and resolution capabilities guide the sales audit staff to efficient audit by exception by focusing on comparative summary reports based on any time period and baseline measures, ratios and values.
Seamless Integration with the Cybex Retail Merchandising System and Cybex Retail Data Warehouse minimizes total cost and maintenance, while enabling head office control and audit functionality.
Retail Marketing System Integration supports key foundation and promotion data validation elements. Audited point-of-sale data exported from Cybex Sales Audit provides a single data source across all downstream solutions.
Detailed point-of-sale transaction data is exported to the Cybex Retail Data Warehouse to support reporting and analysis, including loss prevention.
Improved Transaction Visibility
Trickle polling provides the upload of point-of-sale data in real-time to support early reporting visibility to sales and the capability to export data quickly.
Custom configuration of Point-of-Sale
Support various levels and customizable sales auditing rules and steps. Floor limits, transaction referential integrity and cash handling rules can be used to tailor the system to your retail enterprise.
Exception-Driven Audit Process
Focuses your attention on exceptions and provides you with efficient, accurate, and consistent error detection.
Flexible configuration to emphasize particular areas of control or concern such as irregularities at the point-of-sale and compliance with store procedures, or tailored to map closely to existing sales audit practice.
Trickle Polling of POS Data
Trickle polling process loads point-of-sale transaction data throughout the day, providing near real-time information to back office systems.
Bank Deposit Reconciliation
Assists in bank deposit matching based on day's deposit data declared by closing cash-out procedures.
Loss Prevention Analysis
Integrated with Cybex Retail Data Warehouse, which enables loss prevention trend, benchmark and comparative analysis.
Role-Based Security
Efficient hierarchical security system allows access to a large number of system functions both at store and back office allows for efficient method of granting system access privileges to authorized employees only.
Improved Internal Controls
Cybex Retail Sales Audit offers you greater flexibility in fashioning controls over point-of-sale data to help support compliance objectives. Control provisions include the ability to define data totals and audit rules against totals and transactions, data validations, missing transactions, controls and security over exception resolution activity, audit trails, support for proper segregation of responsibilities, loss prevention, and trend analysis capabilities.
Increased Productivity
User productivity is increased with labor saving features: user-defined totals supporting auditing and financial system postings, interactive audit process which guides users to the accurate and consistent resolution of exceptions, transactions with non-impacting exceptions are allowed to flow through to defined downstream systems, multi and single level auditing between store and headquarters, wizards to support the development of audit totals and rules, and support for enhancement.