Head Office

Advanced features including forecasting, statistical analysis, and analytics combined with the latest proven technology to offer an intuitive, feature-rich head office retail control system.
Increase functionality and efficiency of business processes.
Build customer loyalty and effectively service customer demand.
Reduce purchasing costs and manage supply chain effectively.
Leverage new technology including cloud, mobile and eCommerce.
Reduce merchandise costs and stock-outs.
Increase employee efficiency and reduce training and support requirements.
Empower employees to provide the best possible customer service experience.

Our comprehensive classification system gives you new control and insight in the critical job of managing your merchandise. With data easily accessible, you can make optimal business decisions about which merchandise to stock, discontinue and market.

Cybex Replenishment System incorporates sophisticated statistical analysis and modeling to assist with forecasts, reporting and decision making tools.
Sales forecasts are determined from historical data, class item and user-defined models.
Weekly periods are used to determine projected sales, safety stock and inventory stock.
Replenishment workbench is used to manipulate variables allowing for reiterative what-if analysis.
Perform inter-store inventory transfers from the warehouse store.

Purchase Orders
Generate purchase orders for selected items by quantity sold during a certain period of time to quickly replenish the items that have been sold during that span.
Create purchase orders for selected items when they fall below reorder points.
Use the Min/Max inventory capabilities to easily create an order that brings your stock to an optimal level for your business.
Send the purchase orders store-to-store for individual receiving. Or send a combined PO to one location for central receiving and later disbursement.

Our streamlined purchasing system is designed to facilitate fast delivery and to maximize operations through dynamic management of the purchasing process, while improving relations with vendors and customers.

Pricing Markdowns and Promotions
Gain centralized control over item prices chain-wide, by region, or for each store.
Set up special pricing for items, categories, or departments-- broadcast as desired.

As every customer encounter is a selling opportunity, today's retailer must orient all their business systems to enhance the customer experience.
Our CRM module is designed to provide relevant information for loyalty and marketing programs.
CRM is integrated to Accounts Receivable, POS and the Order Management modules.

Powerful, Flexible Reports
Generate summary, detailed or drill-down reports to show inventory breakdowns, identify top sellers and slow-moving items.
Check sales for any day or date range by store location, item, department, class, customer, or employee.
Reports can be previewed on screen and can be printed, or exported.