Why Us


Advanced Retail Solution

Providing advanced modules
utilized by the largest companies
to growing and middle tier specialty retailers.


Latest Proven Technology

Supports Internet Cloud
and on-premise deployment. Small application footprint available on desktop and tablet terminals.


Customizable and Affordable

A long list of features
can be enabled or disabled resulting in an efficient solution for specific requirements of your retail enterprise.


Innovative and Intuitive

The design objective
is to simplify the complexity, enhance user experience and fast-track deployment.

A Few Words About Cybex

Our mission at Cybex Systems is to provide technically superior enterprise retail solutions to medium sized retailers. Our primary business objective is to improve our clients operations through the effective use of Cybex applications as their principal business information tools.

Founded in 1986, Cybex Systems has demonstrated a proven track record to manage and install retail management systems in excess of 100 terminals. Our clients include multi-million dollar companies with combined revenues exceeding $1 Billion. We are presently responsible for supporting more than 1000 workstations in almost every State and Province in North America. In 2007 we announced new installations in Europe and South America supporting localized currency, language, and tax specifications. We incorporate leading-edge, best-of-breed technologies in our solutions. Our flagship product Cybex Enterprise Retail System reflects a significant number of innovative designs and technology not found in any other competitive product. We invite you to take a closer look at our product and discover why Cybex Systems is right for you. We would like to thank you for your interest in Cybex Systems and for taking the time to explore the possibilities Cybex Systems can extend to your business.



Our objective is to transfer our skills and knowledge that relate to Cybex retail applications to improve your employee's productivity and performance.


Our support services are designed to provide assistance to Cybex retail application users. Delivered by e-mail, live support and our online help desk website cybex.desk.com

Custom Software Development

Software development and customizations to accommodate your particular preferences, features and expectations.


Innovative Intuitive Design

All Cybex applications are designed with end-user in mind to maximize usability, intuitive interface and reduced number of keystrokes suitable for tablet mobile and desktop devices.

Small Installation Package

Compact powerful installation package can be installed on any currently supported Windows workstation, Windows server and Windows cloud platform including Windows 10, Windows 8.1 tablets and Microsoft Azure platform.

Parameter-Driven Customization

Hundreds of features, settings and templates can be created for every specialty retail vertical resulting in simplified, relevant applications, simplified deployment and reduced training requirements.


  • Advanced Retail Expertise
  • Web Development
  • Project Management
  • Training Resources
  • Customer Support
  • eCommerce Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Support