Customer Marketing

Increase retail success and establish long lasting customer relationships with Cybex Customer Marketing. Our solution provides a comprehensive approach to enterprise-wide customer and marketing management. The multi-channel marketing solution is designed to create optimized strategic marketing plans and campaigns based on customer segmentation, purchase patterns and ranking derived from the customer profile and purchase history data warehouse.
The Cybex Advanced Retail Marketing module is an application that integrates market planning and evaluation, information driven selling, content management, customer management and analytics within its campaign management tools. The solution is seamlessly integrated with Cybex Merchandising System, Accounts Receivable, Store Systems, Internet Storefront, Cybex Data Warehouse and Cybex Reporting System to ensure all areas of the enterprise rely on the same marketing plan facilitating marketing control and optimization.
Customer Management:
Take advantage of multiple channels for capturing customer information including Store Systems, Internet and External Lists to build a valuable customer data warehouse. Easy-to-use query selection allow for customer segmentation, analysis and marketing optimization.
Promotion Planning:
Utilize multiple promotion programs including customer loyalty programs, coupons, special offers and customer appreciation mail offers to achieve the optimum mix of sales volume and pricing.
Advanced Query Selection:
Three query and selection application combine for ease-of-use, speed and functionality.
Customer search is designed to satisfy both novice users at the store locations as well as sales professionals. Filter by from allows marketing personnel to build user intuitive selections based on multiple variables and values.
Advanced Query Selection facilitates powerful sophisticated data mining and marketing selection lists designed for marketing staff with no prior SQL or Query technical experience.
Customer lists can be created and recalled at any time and can be combined to eliminate duplicates.
Data Mining and Analytics:
User security access and complete real-time integration with Cybex Merchandising module ensure purchases don't exceed plan budget.
Marketing Cost and Effective Measurement:
Flexible report selections and templates facilitate customizable reports based on a single store, day and class or an entire enterprise season summary.
Campaign Management:
Combine multiple marketing events and promotions in a single marketing campaign for planning, budgeting and post-event analysis. Formulate marketing analysis and strategy based on customer segmentation and market basket analysis to enable effective use of multiple event types including promotions, mail, email, web, catalog and direct contact.
Marketing Events:
Combine mail invitations, email and direct contact to effectively communicate events to customers
Evaluate promotion effectiveness by utilizing graphical reporting and analytics tools
Customer Segmentation and Rank:
Rank customers based on various purchasing patterns including purchase amounts and visits
15 User-defined customer profile labels utilized in customer database maintenance, reporting and analysis
9 Flexible codes per customer based on unlimited number of flexible codes per database
Unlimited number of customer profile codes based on customer profile code table
Unlimited number of marketing events, combined to marketing campaigns
Unlimited number of promotions assigned to marketing campaigns
Customer ranks based on Monetary, Recent, Frequency, Cross-shopping, and User-Defined purchasing patterns