Business Intelligence

Designed to improve strategic, tactical and operational decision making based on solid, accurate, relevant and current data. Powerful, fast, efficient and customizable. Cybex Retail Business Intelligence improves organization effectiveness and drives business forward.
Provides the tools to improve total enterprise performance by utilizing tools to assess critical information, identify measures and problems, and take immediate action in the areas in need of improvement.
Business Analysis Console provides detailed insight into daily operations and business trends. It displays key performance indicators such as store sales, vendor performance, loss prevention, employee performance, customer traffic and merchandise gross margins to provide managers with the information they need to make smart and timely decisions.
Utilize Business Intelligence to influence and drive merchandising decisions in allocation, replenishment, assortment planning, promotions, marketing, store performance and other indicators that are measured by information in the data warehouse.
Business Intelligence delivers an in depth data analysis and provides cross-tab report generation to efficiently address business needs. The comprehensive set of reporting assists in making actionable decisions about future inventory levels and future order cycles.
Business Intelligence solutions are no longer specific to top-tiered retailers. Price, features and performance characteristics of Cybex Retail Business Intelligence Module have made it possible for mid-tier retailers to have access to critical information and sophisticated analytical tools.

Operations Management: Provides management with insight into distribution trends, costs, and performance
Labor Management: Powerful reporting and support tools assists employees and managers to make insightful and informed decisions from the information presented
Distribution and Resource Planning: Improves resource planning, increases productivity and decreases costs
Improve Resource Utilization: Optimize merchandise, retail and labor resources taking into consideration operating constraints
Reduce Inventory: Efficient product flow helps cut down on excess inventory
Style Maintenance: Provides the ability to manage slotting of items to ensure proper allocation and merchandise balancing
Provides detailed insight into daily operations and business trends
Allows the user to examine data from multiple perspectives
Data can be visualized through charting control to create an intuitive image
Data can be printed and exported in numerous formats
Improves resource planning, increases productivity and decreases costs.
Converts difficult information into summarized visual reports
Data summaries provide reliable and efficient analysis
Multiple layout modification and customization options
Enhances efficient warehouse package handling and stock consolidation

Ad-hoc queries: Users can easily and quickly build their own reports and lists by utilizing easy to use design tools
Rich Analysis Capabilities: Segregate, summarize and compare data to identify trends, understand variables, create possible scenarios, and forecast outcomes
Templates: Monitor critical business metrics and track performance across the organization while comparing it to future goals and prior periods