Merchandise Assortment Plan

Cybex Merchandise Assortment Plan removes the challenges most retailers face in today's market of understanding their customer mix and aligning their inventory to keep up with consumers. Our solution allows you to understand your market and quickly respond to consumer demand. Cybex gives you the store planning tools to manage you merchandise mix from end to end and effectively plan and execute unique assortments. Our application allows you to create specific customer-centric assortments that align with your customer's needs and tastes to ensure the right products in the right quantity are at the right stores at the right time to maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Advanced Merchandise Plan Module creates a top-down/bottom-up framework for aligning merchandising strategy and plans, aligning plans and execution, and improving goals and plans over time. The solution guides you through industry-standard planning processes in an efficient manner while providing in-season measures and executions comparing to plan, alerting the appropriate individuals as actual results occur and highlighting the opportunities and priorities for improving results. Rolling 12 months, user-selectable summary and detail provide the ultimate merchandise planning views.
Merchandise Planning Module provides pre-season and in-season planning with key merchandise indicators that include sales, markdowns, receipts, inventory, gross margin, and open-to-buy. It can be used by retailers utilizing cost, retail or unit planning methods and can be used to plan for multiple retail segments. Seamlessly Integrated with Cybex Merchandising System, Cybex Data Warehouse, and Cybex Reporting System to ensure all areas of the enterprise rely on the same merchandise plan.
Allows you to adapt to trends and quickly respond to short merchandise seasons and fast fashion cycles.
Greater efficiency and inventory control— benefit from faster inventory turnover and lower inventory levels.
Maximize sales opportunities—improve sales margins and have fewer markdowns.
Create merchandise assortments that are tailored for every type of market and customer.
Allows you to plan the right merchandise in the right quantities.
Integrate merchandising, replenishment and allocation plans.
Assists in understanding each store locations unique customer mix and create an assortment to tailor to the local demand.

Forecast plans based on pre-season and in-season.
Visual user friendly intuitive interface with graphical representations to view your assortment.
Utilize merchandise classification to continuously re-evaluate your merchandise and achieve the ideal product mix.
Base plans on historical sales history to translate into accurate future planning in excess of 12 months.
Manage up to 12 seasons per year by utilizing the specific weekly retail calendar.
Flexible and customizable reports based on a class, day, location or an entire enterprise season summary.
Provide a process for adjusting assortment plans in-season to react to the most current data.